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lovers some provinces and cities the country teeth in Vietnam

lovers some provinces and cities the country teeth in Vietnam, develop the front end of the stamina, and hold the tongue in place if necessary to reduce the risk of dropping the tongue after the airway obstruction is not the same. time to maintain a interval to take the mother to recreate the jaw bone. Advantages of dental implants. Adjusting the upper jaw is done when the teeth cause. When something is infected, some patients with broken crowns have different sides. The fact that the yard is small with less cytoplasm and color dignity than normal has many different manifestations and clinical manifestations that have appeared on the common body in the face area in the elderly, clinically expressed and clinically important It is a dark brown pigment with a dark brown pigmentation that is more pronounced than the corner of the skin surface.

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Causes and favorable factors cause loss of profit

Loss of benefit is the phenomenon of shore edge of the teeth to the root of teeth. Patients often complain to their dentist that their teeth are prolonged, aesthetic impact in the front teeth, interstitial teeth or food, tooth sensitivity, swelling if the bone is heavy. The drop may be due to a physiological, pathological or traumatic event, or a combination of causes.

Cause shock vietnam dentist prices

The cause of the loss may be due to improper brushing technique to make the gums (thin and low gums). Although brushing is important for the health of gums, brushing is not the right technique to cause gum disease. Studies have shown that there is a link between abstinence and the habit of using a hard brush. Trailing from the opposite tooth during chewing (to bite) may cause loss of appetite.

Periodontal treatment is a preventative measure of relapse.

Pathological cause Saigon Vietnam dental implants

Due to inflammation around the teeth; Bite rash is a favorable factor to exacerbate the loss of epithelial growth and inflammation.

Physiological and anatomical factors

The degree of abrasion is affected by the position of the teeth on the jaw, the angle of the root in the jaw bone, the near curvature of the root surface. In the rotating, tilted, misaligned position on the vestibular side, the sloping, sloping, or pressure-induced chewing of the hard food or brushing removes the gums that are not supported by the bone. , causing a drop in profits.

Caused by the angle of root in the jaw most prominent in the upper jaw area. If the frog’s jaw is tilted to the frog’s jaw or to the outside of the ankle, the bone in the neck is thin and short, leading to bone loss. cấy ghép implant ở đâu tốt nhất

If accompanied by chewing the chewing surface will be more profitable. Chewing on the side of the cheeks is usually accompanied by biting and increasing the tilt of the root, which further reduces the amount of bone that covers the tooth’s neck and increases the gain due to reduced support. Contractions held around the teeth in the elderly; brake mucous membranes sticking to the wrong position.

Consequences when falling

Loss of the tooth surface to expose so easy to root teeth. Exposed teeth will be worn when brushing reveals dentin, so teeth sensitivity when stimulated hot and cold, sweet and sour. When the benefit falls beyond the boundary of the vestibular mucosa, the marginal lobe is often contracted in chewing function, which removes the surface of the tooth.

It also creates conditions for plaque, food and bacteria accumulation, especially the teeth in the mouth to create bad breath, bacteria accumulate long lead to inflammation around the root. Make aesthetic impact with the front teeth group. cấy răng implant

Loss of interest if left untreated causes the organization around the teeth to become loose, resulting in tooth loss leading to bone loss and can cause tooth loss.


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