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injury due to traffic collisions is very teeth in Vietnam

injury due to traffic collisions is very teeth in Vietnam, groups of causes: endogenous coloring (drug use, congenital bilirubin – blue tooth, porphyrin – reddish tooth), exogenous coloring ( food, colored drinking water, colored bacteria, tooth fillings …), fluoride, tooth erosion, after pulp treatment, after tooth injury. Your dentist will check your oral health to determine the degree of intermittent between the teeth and between the teeth and the jaw. Removal of plaque, change of mouth environment, bleaching of teeth, porcelain veneers with severe cases. Porcelain crowns for dental teeth, dental crowns or dental crowns are the leading solution used by professionals to bring beautiful teeth to customers. Examination and counseling topics you are interested in the following is the process of making dental porcelain teeth for international standards with strict operations such as:

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Gums include loose gums, gum, gum, epithelium. The gingiva surrounds the tooth, about 1mm wide and forms the soft wall of the gum cavity. This gingiva can be separated from the tooth surface by periodontal probe. Gingivitis is the next gingival part of the gingiva, attached to the bones of the lozenge by a dense system of bundles of collagen fibers.

Gingivitis is a narrow, V-shaped groove where the gums between the gums and the teeth are exposed. Gingival gingival (gingival interstitial gums) is the gingival part between two teeth shaped pyramidal. The gingival papilla is too large or does not have a gingival bleed causing aesthetic at the same time cause stagnation of food, creating holes in the teeth that periodontal disease developed.

Cosmetic Gums in Implant is a technical stage to create aesthetic beauty for the gums. For some time after the loss of teeth, the gums and jaw will begin to drain and shrink, causing aesthetic. The gums at the site not only shrink but also become pale, not fresh and rosy as the gums in other positions on the jaw. To overcome this situation, when implant, the dentist usually performs a combination of cosmetic gum and gum make patients more confident.

Because of the aesthetics of the gums and the potential around the gums, when implant or any prosthodontic implant, the patient should also ask the doctor to perform a cosmetic procedure to achieve the gum. after treatment. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

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