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Buy 4000 Watch Time Hours on YouTube

Since making money online has been broadly popularized in recent years, making money from YouTube channels is not strange anymore. Many YouTube channels in the world have achieved great results when participating in this largest video-sharing social network.

According to statistics, up to 1.3 billion users and about 300 watch hours are uploaded to Youtube every minute! That means the competition is very harsh from many different channels, to be able to stand out, attract more viewers to watch your videos. Your videos must be searched and selected by users in that vast competition group. If you do not know, read the Youtube SEO article that we mentioned above to understand better.

Keyword research, data analysis, and tracking are all you need to do to get your video more noticed. Here are some simple, easy-to-use YouTube SEO tools (free and paid) that can help you optimize YouTube videos for video ranking.

1. VidIQ – a tool to analyze opponents accurately

VidIQ is a software used to optimize keywords about SEO on youtube. It makes channel development as well as content search more effective. This optimization solution supports YouTubers through the steps: from video publishing suggestions to connecting you with top relevant influencers and monitoring viewer engagement to optimizing YouTube SEO through the index of overview, social, SEO, …

  • Overview: is the index of VidIQ score, view, avg view time, duration, etc.
  • Social: are indexes related to different social networks. But mostly three social networks, Facebook, Twitter, Google+. You can rate your videos by these social network indexes.
  • SEO: Optimizing the indicators related to video rankings are aggregated into this SEO group by VidIQ.
  • Channel: is your channel, or the Google Adsense (GA) or Network account that owns the video, along with the channel/channel metrics.
  • Video Tags see the tags.

Besides, there are some other features:

  • Tag count, tag volume: number of youtube tags.
  • Keywords in title: keywords in the youtube video title.
  • Keywords in description: keywords in the youtube video description.
  • Tripled keywords: Repeat keywords will increase this index.
  • Performance: is the performance of tags on your Videos.
  • Ranked tags: the tags are ranked in the video.
  • High volume ranked tags: tags that rank high on youtube.

With an intuitive interface, easy to use and reference, VidIQ helps you save a lot of time to find the necessary information in real-time of any video. From the level of SEO’s completeness to the information to track the status, such as the number of searches per minute, links to social networks, etc.

All are shown correctly so that you can evaluate and have a long-term plan for better video development. Besides, VidIQ has a tool for you to check your rankings by Hashtags and analyses the description of the Video. So choose for yourself the best tags from rival research, you do not need to select many tags, but pay attention to the quality that tags bring to your Videos. You have a few tags with a high level of accuracy will help Youtube categorize your videos more easily and evaluate better.

2. TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy is a free e extension and certified by Youtube.

You can use it as soon as you have a Youtube channel.

It is the only tool for Youtube that allows you to manage your channel without going anywhere. You can manage your Youtube channel through many extended features on TubeBubdy.

Youtube SEO tool

Advanced keyword research: provides you with many keyword ideas and videos with information such as many searches, competition levels, etc. If the total score is good, it means that keyword has a low level of competition.

Similar to VidIQ, TubeBubdy also has youtube tag suggestions when you upload videos.

Video thumbnail maker

One of the best tools that come with TubeBuddy is the thumbnail maker. You can create thumbnail images without having to use other tools like Snappa.

Also, other productivity-enhancing features can help one for Youtuber such as:

  • Release videos on a schedule
  • End screen template and card template
  • Publish original video on Facebook
  • Sunset videos (set a schedule to delete and hide videos from the playlist)
  • List of the important points to check before posting videos
  • Planner on the subject of the video
  • Update videos as planned
  • Quick editing toolbar
  • Advanced video embedded
  • Track search rankings

Videolytics – video data analysis

TubeBuddy’s video data analysis table shows important metrics such as total views, subscribers, likes and dislikes, Facebook likes, channel videos, and number of comments.

The data analysis table also shows the tags associated with the video. If you click “Show Search Ranking” you will see details of the video ranking.

It’s an ideal feature to track your competitors on any video, select the video you want to track, all metrics will appear on the right of the Video.

3. KeywordTool.io

It is a keyword tool to do keyword research in a simple but complete way. It is suitable for getting more suggested keywords on YouTube, thus optimizing the YouTube channel to search rankings.

With this tool, you can automatically find keyword variations and get hundreds of autocomplete suggestions that can be ranked and divided into 4 tabs:

  • Keyword Suggestions: All suggested keywords related to the search keyword
  • Question: Suggest related keywords in the form of questions
  • Prepositions: Suggest keywords containing clauses (for, in, by, etc.)
  • Hashtags: Suggest keywords with tags.

You can choose appropriate keywords from hundreds of keyword suggestions from those 4 tabs.

Also, thanks to Keyword Tool Pro with this paid feature, you can receive YouTube search volume data for popular keywords most accurately.

4. Google Trends – Help you reach the trends of the online community

Google Trends is a tool developed by Google. Of course, it is 100% accurate.

It will help you reach the trends that are most noticed by the community with your keyword. Starting to use Google Trends is very simple. All you need to do is access Google Trends, enter keywords, and select “search” on Youtube.

You will get exact figures from the region/country you want regardless of the time.


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